Air Controller AIR-SAVER G2


The AIR-SAVER G2 is installed in the compressed air line after the air receiver. It opens and closes the air supply to the factory, based on customer specific working shifts.

Technical Data:

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Air Controller AIR-SAVER G2 is a motorised ball valve that is installed in the compressed air line after the air receiver. The Air Controller AIR-SAVER G2 opens and closes the air supply to the factory, based on customer specific working shifts.

A typical compressed air system has air loss through pipe work connections, leaking float type drains etc.

The Air Controller will open the ball valve at the beginning of a working shift and close the ball valve when the working shift is over. From that point on, all compressed air will remain in the air receiver until the next working shift, rather than being lost through leakages.

The clever and versatile programming feature allows for customer specific settings and is totally adaptable to the working hours of each individual factory.

The Air Controller can be installed in all pipe line systems up to 2”. Remote switching kits are available to operate the Air Controller AIR-SAVER G2 from a distance.


Supply voltage: 115VAC – 230VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 7W during cycle rotation
Open/Close duration: 105 sec./90°
Max. ambient temp: 50°C
Max. medium temp: 100°C
Min. pressure: 0 bar
Max. pressure: 16 bar
Valve Connection: 2”
Valve Material: Brass/nickel plated
Manual override: Yes
Remote controllable: Yes
Env. protection IP54
Timer display: 24 hours
Program options: 16 cycles/day – 7 days/week

Commercial Benefits

  • Microprocessor controlled (7 day program feature – multiple cycles possible each day).
  • Language selection feature (English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch).
  • Easy to program (intuitive).
  • Each individual day can be programmed according to specific working day shift requirements.
  • LCD displaying the program cycle and the current time.
  • External push button controls (disassembly not necessary).
  • Battery life indication in the display.
  • Fully automatic – no maintenance.
  • Small compact design.
  • Private labelling options.

Technical Advantages

  • FPM seals.
  • Stainless steel ball, valve is nickel plated brass.
  • Slow ball valve rotation 90 degrees in 30 seconds (designed to avoid water-hammer when opening or closing).
  • Extended programming features relating to valve open and close cycles (100)

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