Internal Auto Drain DR-EED-400-FW12/14

Note: This machine is applicable for Filter SMC: AF4000/AF5000; SHAKOAF4000 and SHSNS4000.

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This product is installed at the bottom of water cups which are automatic drainers, air filters and
air filter regulators and it can auto discharge the condense water gathered in the water cup.

Model ADV – Automatic Drain Valve

Machine Type 400 – 400 Series

Drain Principle F – Floating ball type, W – Outer Thread, N – Inner thread, 12/14 – Drain outlet diameter.

Technical requirements
Working medium: Compressed air; Ambient and media temperature: 5-60°C;
Operating pressure: 0.2-0.8MPa.

Product feature
Automatic drain; Air Shut off Drain; Manual Drain.

Points for attention
When using, the drainer should be installed vertically and the drain port facing down